Digging & trail maintenance at 9th Street BMX:
Rules, guidelines and common sense

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  • Never tear down an existing jump, berm, roller, obstacle or project - have respect for other people’s hard work.
  • Never steal dirt from one jump to fix another – don’t cannibalize.
  • Finish any digging project you start or don’t start.
  • Make sure the dirt you are using to maintain or build jumps has similar moisture content, dry dirt doesn’t stick to wet dirt and vice versa. When maintaining a jump, spray the old surface with water before adding new dirt to help adhesion.
  • Pack the dirt you throw evenly, smoothly and level as soon as possible.
  • Don’t stack dirt on trees – the Urban Forestry Service doesn’t like it and it’s not healthy for the trees.
  • Put the tools up and turn the water off when you are through working each day. Tools are expensive and will get stolen. Clean up after yourself.
  • Don’t dig holes in unsafe areas of the park; no pot holes, tiger traps or unsafe pits. People can get hurt falling into the hole.
  • We have a hundred jumps that need love and not enough volunteers/diggers. Focus on getting all the existing jumps running before worrying about building new jumps. Don’t start a new jump/line without talking to the locals/team/non-profit group and getting group support.
  • Be open minded, respectful and considerate when digging. People use different digging techniques, there is no specific method of building and maintaining BMX trails. However, the end result will determine if the technique was successful.
  • If you would like to learn how to dig or digger better, please visit our Mentoring page.
  • If you would like to volunteer for our trail maintenance days, please visit our Events page.

Thank you for your help!

9thStreetBMX Broken shovels

Antique bottle collection from digging
9thStreetBMX Moon's bottle dug up

Antique marble collection from digging
9thStreetBMX Moon's marbles from digging

9th Street BMX Local dig session
9thStreetBMX diggers at work

Old School 9th Street BMX locals - RIP Jasper and Anthony
9thStreetBMX old school diggers

9thStreetBMX Broken shovels spelled out

Ted Siff volunteering at 9th Street BMX
Ted Siff volunteering at 9thStreetBMX

KC Miller 9th Street BMX local rider, digger, skater.
KC miller shovel drop on mini ramp

types of shovels